The Breezy Season

Spring clouds

Take a deep breath —and exhaaaaaale. It’s the “breezy” season again here in Colorado. While on the ground, little green plants are popping up; in the vast playground of the sky it’s a spectacle of movement and sculptural wonder!

Thankfully, there’s a bit of warmth to these winds, so hang on to your easel and enjoy what the good breezes blow in.

2016-PA-oil-CO-DEEB-Breath of Spring
A Breath of Spring, 6 x 8″ oil – plein air.
It’s always a bonus when the moon gets involved.

2015-PA-oil-CO-DEEB-A Little Breezy
Breezes make for lots of fun in the water too. A Little Breezy, 6 x 8″ oil – plein air.
When it’s calm down here, the winds up there can make for a spectacular sunset.

One of my favorite resources for info and fantastic photos of all kinds of clouds is The Cloud Appreciation Society website. It’s a great place to spend hours learning, and being blown away by this amazing facet of Nature.



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  1. Rebekah Steers says:

    You have such a gift for finding beautiful cloud moments! Breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your art!

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