A Snowy Day in May

Rain and hail last night was followed by a a wet morning, and before long we watched the rain turn to snow falling in big clumpy flakes.

Our morning walk around the neighborhood was beautiful, exciting and whimsical!

After a morning class, I drove to Sawhill Ponds, where I love to paint. I just sat in the car watching the snow for awhile.

With the wind blowing and the big wet flakes, I realized that if I got out to paint I’d get soaked in no time, so decided to stay in the car and do a pastel painting. It was a beautiful scene of subtle value shifts and soft spring colors.

I twas a real treat to be able to paint on this unusual day.

Back at home, I shoveled the walk (got soaked in the process) and cozied up in the house for the rest of the snowy day.