Reflection in a Stormy Sky

Reflection in a stormy sky

Spring showers hovered over the landscape yesterday as I settled on a good painting spot from which to observe the active sky. This was one of the more satisfying plein air sessions I’ve had lately, painting one piece after the other as I turned my easel around for a new view. I came home with three paintings I’m quite happy with—no “wipers” this time!

light, color, movement, and a little bug has become part of this painting.

Stormy skies hold a lot of potential for a reflective experience in painting. Clouds and light change color and shape so quickly—one merges with the other in a matter of seconds—so the focus tends to be on movement and change, while trying to make sense of the structure. It isn’t easy! But the process of seeking, chasing, and making it what you want it to be reflects an inner process of addressing turbulence and finding release. And maybe… you might discover that the storm is as beautiful inside you as it is in the sky…

“A Little Blue”, 6 x 8″ oil


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  1. Joke Kokkelkoren says:

    Hi Lamya, I like your art and your site too! I looked at it to inspire me for making my own site.
    Now I will participate in the drawing to win your book. Succes with all your work, Joke K.

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