PACE17 recap – part 4

Boats and Bougainvillea

Another big day at PACE17: following Art Marketing Bootcamp (which is so worth getting up early for), Jeremy Lipking gave a mesmerizing demonstration. You could hear a pin drop in that ballroom full of people.

Jeremy Lipking gets ready for his demo — fantastic!

Then, the artist I was most looking forward to seeing came up on the main stage. Roos Schuring, (pronounced “Rose”) from the Netherlands has been a huge inspiration to me since I started following her work years ago. Her intrepid spirit is a call to action, her bold painting approach: a liberation. She brings a brilliant light into the canvas.

A few years ago I purchased a painting that she did, of a sunrise in the Dutch countryside— a real treasure! I also have one of her books of seascape paintings. And last year, I completed Roos’ “Art Business Success” program, which among other things, enabled me to build and manage this website!

So, I was very excited to meet her in person, and to see her presentation. What a wonderful day!

Eric Rhoads introduces Roos Schuring.
Roos’ iconic plein air easel holds her demo painting.
So happy to meet a kindred spirit!

After Roos’ demo, I hopped on to the pastel track again to take in Marla Bagetta‘s demonstration. It’s just fantastic to be able to go from one amazing demo to the next in the space of a few minutes and a few steps down the hall!

Marla Bagetta with her demo pastel painting.

We were all scheduled to go paint in Old Town San Diego in the afternoon, however I had a big energy crash just as I was getting ready for the outing. I just couldn’t do it… I’m not much of an urban painter, nonetheless I would have gone if I’d had a shred of energy. But I could barely see straight, and the thought of traffic and parking and crowds was daunting.

So, instead I decided to stick around the hotel grounds, relax, and explore a bit more to find something wonderful to paint. And that’s just what I did!

The hotel grounds had so many beautiful flowers and trees that we don’t see in Colorado.
I took a little walk and came upon this magical scene.
This was the painting I did at the spot. I’m so glad I chose to stay and take it easy.

Later, I joined SusieHyer‘s nocturne painting group, and had a lot of fun painting in the dark again. This was the result… wild!

I also took some time to peruse the Art Show again that afternoon. It’s good to keep going back to it, because new works keep appearing! Here are a few more stunning pieces I was taken with:

“Sunset on the Marina”, by Allie Zeyer
“Coral Tree and Bloom”, by Tom Kegler
“Texas Bluebonnets”, by Kathleen Dooling
“Bay Tower Nocturne”, by Melanie Thompson
“Christy in San Diego” (with me painting next to her) and “Dusk in San Diego” by Quang Ho.