The Lure of a Ridge Line – Painting at Gunbarrel Ridge.

Gunbarrel Ridge

There is something about a ridge line that I am really drawn to, especially when there are things happening in the sky above it. Serene and minimal, yet full of promise, it reminds me of the sea in many ways.

Yesterday afternoon I went up to Gunbarrel Ridge to spend a few hours painting. I hadn’t painted there before, but it turns out it’s just my kind of place: quiet, open, grassy and full of sky.

This view with a solitary tree breaking the line was irresistible.
I decided to go with a tall vertical format and super value contrast.
The clouds of an incoming rain added dramatic effects.
My second painting, of the open field with mullein stalks.
Palette of a stormy sky.
I forgot my paper towels! So the apron got a workout…
On my walk back to the car—so gorgeous!
a winding path…
Over the edge — the promise of something new.