So Long, San Diego!

San Diego morning

With the 2017 Plein Air Convention behind us, the hotel—in fact all of San Diego—suddenly seemed empty as all the artists, vendors, and staff packed up and went home.

I had a bit of time before my flight, so grabbed a quick breakfast to eat out by the marina.

marina heron
I watched this heron stroll around the marina.

Before leaving a place, I always like to take a little walk around, to let the experience and memories sink in. The weather was beautiful was I wandered around the hotel grounds and along the waterfront.

Some of the beautiful trees on the hotel property.
The flamboyant Coral Trees
A dazzling Bougainvillea

I had some great viewing on the plane ride home. I always opt for a window seat whenever possible. Watching the landscape go by from above is truly fascinating!

I could see exactly where I had been painting on Point Loma!
The Mojave Desert made a dramatic appearance.
At the edge of the Grand Canyon
A great view of the Grand Canyon itself! 
The Arizona desert, with formations… Monument Valley perhaps?
Colorado Mountains, with snow…
Back at home, late April snow. Little did we know it wouldn’t be the last!

2 thoughts on “So Long, San Diego!

  1. Leslie Capizzi says:

    Lamya, I love all your watery paintings from San Diego! But I especially love your Late Day Shower painting and am so glad YOU were not struck by lightning!

  2. Lamya says:

    Thank you Leslie! me too! that crazy lightning can sneak up on you sometimes and I’ve been caught on that trail more than once when a storm suddenly came up.

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