Little Fluffy Hats

I’m home with a cold today, taking a sick day to work on my newsletter and other assorted things that don’t require going outside or expending too much energy…

Here are a few more photos from our recent snow. I took some of them around our neighborhood while out walking with my dog; others are from a painting session at Teller Farm North. Each snowstorm is different, this one was so fluffy and stuck to things so beautifully—everywhere you looked, things were wearing fluffy little hats!

Hats for the Autumn Glory Sedum
Don’t know what these little plants are but they had fluffy hats too!
A cool pattern of snow on my neighbor’s flagstones.

The snow didn’t last long, but I did manage to get out to a beautiful spot to paint.

The view from my painting spot at Teller Farm.
Winter’s day drama—a bit more cold and snow coming in…
What I could get done while I could still feel my fingers & toes.