Art as Medicine

Art as Medicine

Yes, it’s true—the experience of art is a healing one, both in the creation process, and when works of art are encountered by a viewer and an emotional connection is made.

While attending a Boulder Ballet performance this past weekend at the beautifully renovated Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, my friend and I stopped in to explore the current exhibit in the Center’s gallery.

The show, titled “Art as Medicine”, is a collection of works by artists who have found their art to be a powerful aid in healing from traumas of various sorts. The pieces in the show struck me in two ways: the care that was taken in their creation, and the depth of emotion evident in the pieces.

I can attest to the healing power of art in my own life. When I’m painting, miraculous things happen: pain disappears; anxiety and depression float away. By focusing on the beauty of life, life really does become more beautiful.

“Art as Medicine” is on view through February 26
at the Dairy Arts Center’s McMahon Gallery, Boulder, CO.