About the Artist

I love being outdoors in all seasons, and painting on location gives me the opportunity to observe and experience nature in an intimate way. My aim is to convey the unique essence and beauty of a particular moment and place, and to share the feeling of that experience with the viewer.

Lamya Deeb is a nationally recognized, award-winning plein air landscape artist working in the mediums of oil and pastel.

Born in the U.S., Deeb grew up in Beirut, Lebanon, witnessing that country’s civil war during her teenage years. Her family’s extensive travels in Europe and the Middle East brought her into contact with the great art and scenic beauty of those regions. These experiences have had a profound impact on her life and work.

With a BFA in Painting from Colorado State University, and a working background in illustration and design, Deeb began painting the landscape “en plein air” in 2006. Since then, she has studied with prominent artists in the landscape genre, including Jake Gaedtke, Elizabeth Mowry, John Taft, Stephen Datz, Chuck Ceraso, Lorenzo Chavez and Marc Hanson.

In 2014, Deeb expanded her subjects to include still-life arrangements. As in landscape painting, she enjoys capturing the live essence of the subjects and the light and emotion that illuminates them. Her instructors in the still-life genre have included Elizabeth Robbins, Jeff Legg and Rey Ford.

Lamya Deeb currently lives and paints in the Boulder-Longmont area of Colorado.


BFA 1983 Colorado State University
Concentration: Painting

2006-2010 with Jake Gaedtke:
Landscape Atelier, 2007-09
Advanced plein air class, 2009-10
6-month mentorship, 2009-10

Landscape Workshops:
Stephen C. Datz, 2009 – Plein Air
John Taft, 2009, 2010 – Landscape, Color
Chuck Ceraso, 2011 – Ghost Ranch, NM
Elizabeth Mowry, 2011 – Pastel Landscape
Lorenzo Chavez, 2012 – Pastel Plein Air
Elizabeth Mowry, 2012 – Pastel Master Class
Elizabeth Mowry, 2012 – Tuscany
Jake Gaedtke, 2013 – Painting Water
Elizabeth Mowry, 2013 – France
Elizabeth Mowry, 2014 – Tuscany
Marc R. Hanson, 2014 – Plein Air
Albert Handell, 2017 – Plein Air

Jason Mc Phillips, 2011 – Artistic Anatomy
John Taft, 2011 – Portrait
Julie Petro, 2013 – Portrait

Elizabeth Robbins, 2012 – Floral Still Life
Jeff Legg, 2012
Rey Ford, 2014-17

Alix Christian, 2015 – Encaustic


Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters
Plein Air Artists Colorado
Pastel Society of Colorado
Outdoor Painters Society
Laguna Plein Air Painters Association
Plein Air Painters New Mexico
Oil Painters of America
American Impressionist Society
Arts Longmont

Gallery Representation

Mary Williams Fine Arts
5311 Western Ave #112, Boulder, CO

Osmosis Art Gallery
290 2nd Avenue, Niwot, CO